As promised in my last post- Mobile Apps Do Not Work, I am back with my second part of the post wherein I am going to discuss Mobile app marketing techniques, the focus areas and the immediate attention areas at different stages of marketing the app.

The strugglers

With over 750,000 apps in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play and about 50 apps being released and launched daily, the possibility of a viewer to even discover your app is a highly competitive ambition.

In a market that is estimated to be worth $25 billion by 2015, the ultimate goal for any app developer is- discoverability which is why you need a robust app marketing strategy in place way before your app is launched in the market.

Why does your brand need an app?

While there are a lot of apps that are nothing but just an extension of the website of the brand, some have managed to develop the connect with their consumers at an even higher level taking the brand persona to a completely different level. (Some have been referred to in my previous blog). But I really think that the mobile apps could be further taken to social platforms to reach the desktops as well to offer integrated functionality from both the screens used by customers at different times of the day. Even simpler, you could try creating a microsite to ensure your app has a landing page on desktop computers, much like popular apps InstagramSnapchat and Path do.

When you are to brainstorm on what exactly the mobile app must inevitably be, I suggest that you first answer the following questions or seek answers from the ones behind the initiative.

  • Why would anyone search for the overall topic to land up to your app?
  • What would they get when they reach your app?
  • How they will use it?
  • Why they will use it?
  • And why should they come back?

Once you have the answers, you are probably better off with the overall messaging, the target and how you could best reach them. Now, try to link the following together-

Value of the app + Brand connect + Easy to understand and use (customer interface) + Interesting to be advocated

I have taken you through the first step of marketing efforts for your App- Research. That’s indeed the first step of pretty much every effort that we plan to make. Now comes the next Big R of Mobile app marketing, and that is – reach.

How do you think your app would reach to a large chunk of your market? Here are some must dos in your marketing strategy-

  1. App store optimization– Check out MobileDevHQSearchMan, or Appnique.
  2. Deep linking- Mobile app deep linking allows users to click links to view specific content within your app, or download your app, depending on if they have your app installed. If a person doesn’t have your app installed and clicks on a deep link, they will automatically be directed to your app’s page in the App Store so they can download your app before proceeding to your deep link destination.
  3. Encourage reviews. Yes, there is no person who had not had a glance at reviews for your app before deciding whether to download or not. So if that’s too important, what makes a delighted customer write a review for you? Brand advocacy, idea individuality, great user interface or social recognition are some motivators for reviews. So you could possibly think on these grounds before devising tactics to get your customers write about you and become your brand advocateImage
  4. Take advantage of your (Online) assets– Your social platforms, your mobile website, your website, or even your relations with the bloggers and influencers all would be great platforms to showcase and create buzz around your app
  5. Press- People today, read more reviews of an app than an advertisement of the same app. Reviewers in the media are strong influencers and help do your word-of-mouth marketing amongst each other. These tech reviewers are extremely well connected amongst each other and would definitely write generously for your brand if they truly like the product.
  6. Keywords, the ultimately push for your ranking- App publishers focus on app stores for sure, but often tend to miss the immense synergy that these very basic things bring like the app’s title, its description and keywords.Image
  7. The grey zone- For your app to reach the top charts of the Hot app on the app store, your app needs to have maximum downloads within a very short period of time. For this to be achieved, there are two ways- either spend a considerable time, energy and money on the time frame just before the launch of the app while this remains as a very crucial time to decide the future of your app Or you engage companies that claim to offer guaranteed downloads of your app during a specific frame of time. But I personally m doubtful of the second one.
  8. Retention– Almost 90% app subscribers hardly are engaged with your app soon after they get the best alternative app for your app.That means that retention is another struggle that eventually requires brand advocates to endorse your app, and keep the momentum going. This is burst marketing- not letting your app go down the app chart in the app store, through either of the tools mentioned here or anything else that you might think. 

What do you think are essentials of app marketing success? Do you believe in all of these marketing tools mentioned herein? I am always on the look out of opinions, views and experiences to make my writing experience more comprehensive and at the same time make this blogpost as interactive as possible.