Your marketing team knows answers to all the Ws of marketing- why, where, who so on and so forth. And amongst your team members, you can comfortably believe that your business is being rightly portrayed in bright colors and neat strokes to the stakeholders.

Have you ever got a call from your bank while a presumably naïve salesperson calls you and tries to sell you a scheme that you are aware has been turned down repeatedly ? Or, even scarier, have you yourself heard your sales team pitching the right agenda with the wrong facts and figures about your company and/or wrong tagline of your brand or wrong overall sub-messaging of your brand? Seems like a nightmare right? For me atleast, I have personally encountered multiple incidents where my sales team, sitting right in front of me, is pitching exactly the message which I have been trying to brush off from the minds of the public and resultantly, have had repeated sessions with them to educate them, empower them and make them understand the overall messaging so as they do not end up screwing up the perception about the brand to which I am a custodian.

All of us would surely remember atleast 1 sour experience with a brand due to some ‘brainless’ salesman on the other side of the call. Right? Result? We never remember the name of the salesman, do we? We remember that some salesperson from XYZ acted in an absurdly awful manner. In the end, it is the brand to be blamed.

So here lies a problem. The lack of clear flow of brand belief, lack of ownership of the brand image management, lack of realization that the person is associated with the company and he/she represent the brand through their words, attitude and action. So how to do address it?

Common mistakes that Salespeople commit (As for me, they are blunders). One of these being, sending repeated newsletters is absolutely normal (twice a week). The problem starts when the salesperson doesn’t do his research well in two things- one, the content of the newsletter and two, the profile of the person he is sending this to and making it tailor-made or atleast in a tone that is anticipated to be of interest to the consumer.

Have a look at this-


A very good morning!!!

It is extremely honorable to write this e-mail to you. We, XX, are specializing in data analytics, customer data report generations basis which we can help you to achieve your sales objectives. We have been assisting companies like XX, XXX, XXX, etc.

Attached is our company’s credentials and we will be happy to hear from you. Undersigned are our contact details where you can call as soon as you receive this e-mail.



Clearly, this e-mail is asking me to take the ownership of too many things apart from asking for attention with some poor English involved. If you are reaching out to me, I would not want to perform tasks that you tell me. Have a look at this email that I got as part of one of the similar regular promotion emails.


Hello Ritika –

We haven’t met before – I’m with XXX, a predictive customer analytics company that helps online health & beauty stores use the entirety of their customer data to power product recommendations and send personalized triggered emails. Is becoming more personal and targeted in your customer interactions a priority for you?

I have spent some time on your website- XXX, and based on our experiences with other online stores, I have a few ideas about how we might be able to help you improve conversion and retention. We start by centralizing all of your customer data – purchases, email actions, web browsing, demographics – and use this information to predict how each individual will behave and spend. Think of powering your site and sending email campaigns using personalized product recommendations, projected lifetime spend, customized segments, and more.

It would be great to spend a couple of minutes to share our feedback on your site and describe a few of the predictive tools that might be worth exploring. Would you be available for a quick 15-minute call sometime next week?



Now in this e-mail, what I liked was that the sender is trying to act as a resource to me to make one of my jobs easier and even more, solve a problem that through their understanding, might arise in a business like ours. You HAVE TO CONNECT WITH ME TO CONVINCE ME!

There are also some funny calls that I receive and the prolonged resultant conversations that lead me to form an extremely negative perception about the company. What is the remedy?

  1. Training, practice and reinforcement of belief, values and messaging. Every professional needs training. For salespersons, since they are the point of contact to the businesses and consumers, it is extremely important for them to resonate with what the brand has been trying to communicate since long.
  2. Develop them as in-house internal brand advocates. Once they are in sync with the brand communication and the overall messaging, you need to keep them motivated to turn into advocates, either through monetary or non-monetary incentives, or organizational environment or through their participation in important decisions to motivate them to feel as much a part of organization as are others.
  3. I firmly believe that the sales man is one person who needs to know the in and out workings of what the organization does, how, where and what are the future plans… that too very clearly. So that it boosts up their confidence while talking to the public at large.
  4. Make them a part of your regular communication, brainstorming meetings on marketing objectives and strategies and new campaigns to keep them excited of new things coming.
  5. Help them improve, impart training in not only sales techniques but also pay more attention towards communication, technology and techniques, motivate to go on relevant seminars.

 So, it is also about keeping the internal communication clear in order to keep the external communication crystal clear, effective and powerful. Any suggestions? Drop in a comment and let’s get the conversations rolling.