I am inspired by the way people beautifully convey the most important messages in an extremely simple video format. Creativity plays an extremely crucial part in this set up. Today, marketers of big and small brands pay extra attention and budget allocation to video marketing. But the objective of this blogpost today is not to scrutinize the fundamental question of whether a video is important for a brand or not. I am taking this as given, that video marketing is not only essential for big brands or B2C brands, but it is equally or maybe more crucial for emerging brands, even B2B brands for they provide a great scope of virality at an affordable cost.

Very recently, I attended a session by Google Business Group Jaipur which laid emphasis on a similar subject. What I noticed at the meet up was not the excellence or any such extraordinary path breaking revelation but the fact that there were many startups at the meet who had affordably above average knowledge about video creation, messaging and virality. What is also intriguing was that there are so many platforms and sources online that make video making not only easy but also more professional looking. This is how brands are looking at video content these days.  The average user is exposed to an average of 32.2 videos in a month. There are about 100 million internet users who watch online videos each day. And, its not just numbers that make videos important, but the reason why people watch it. 90% of online shoppers at a major retailer’s website said they find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions. So before you are convinced of the potential impact of video marketing for your brand, I wish to show you some outstanding videos that you must watch before going ahead with briefing your creative team to get the message bang on.

Coming back to my subject of today’s blog, I am going to talk about some really nice videos that I have picked up especially for you marketers who are looking to create some exceptionally ‘different’ and ‘out of the box’ video ideas that travel more than the speed of light online.

What makes your video stand out? Have a look at this video-

Generally, you would not watch a video for more than 1 minute or maybe 1.5 minutes. Try counting it from now on. But this video was more than 6 minutes which is considerably long from this parameter. But, your engagement level with this video was manifold, far better than any other brand promotion video that you had seen in a long time. Possibility of you sharing it is high. I’ll tell you why.

The mix has been right in this video. Content + Production (aftereffects) + Relevance

The way you weave a story defines the engagement ratio of your video.

This video by MP Tourism stands out on its creativity

Lastly, A Dove video that works quickly and leaves a long-lasting impact on the viewers.

It is intriguing to understand that the simplest of things if shown powerfully can create a ripple effect in terms of visibility and recall.  There are a lot of tools that we can use to help our video reach on multiple platforms and enhance chances of people liking and sharing it, but the very fundamental choice is on you to make- the content, the storyline and the storyboard. Other things that we wish to achieve will eventually follow if promoted successfully.

Here are some innovative ideas to integrate videos in your marketing endeavors-

  1. E-mail newsletters are often the most ignored medium of brand awareness. But the fact that it is still useful, makes it still the best way to reach out to new and existing customers. How about integrating your video in your e-mail newsletter so that the click rate scores higher! Videos engraved in a newsletter often works wonders for those who successfully convey the message interestingly in the blog.
  2. YouTube remains the powerful medium to promote your video. Apart from creating your own channel and promoting the same on various other platforms, it is also interesting that the ads that we see in the beginning of a video are actually FREE till the viewer doesn’t see it till 30 seconds. How about that?

“TrueView” is the name for a family of YouTube ads that allow you to pay only when people choose to watch your video—hence, TrueView.

  1. Use tags, brief and thorough descriptions for your video and most importantly, name it appropriately. Knowing how people search for videos like yours is the key to picking up organic views. YouTube includes a keyword tool, which suggests search terms based on the monthly search volume. For obvious reasons, the keywords with the most searches are the best to use. You can also add a transcript of your video. Always helps in reaching out to global viewers.
  2. Take the video to as many platforms as possible. For websites that support images like Pinterest, take a snapshot or a picture and embed the link in the picture. Create a blog of your video and write about it. Linking your videos with each other also helps generate traffic to your video.
  3. YouTube’s new layout helps you to make your page look more professional. You can now upload a welcome video and this is where you can be creative.

A Tip: Please do not use too many closure links in the last drop which will make you look too desperate for subscription, or whatever you are trying to put in.